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For Marketers, Agencies, Freelancers & Business Owners

Want Advertising Experts To Help You Turn Failed Facebook & Google Campaigns Into Profitable Ones For Your Clients?

No More Courses, Expensive Coaching, Upsells, or Spending Hours On YouTube

VOLUME UP! See Why A Markatects Membership Is A Smart Choice

Markatects Invites you to become a founding member of our new club!

MARKATECTS AD LORDS is the NEW way marketers, freelancers, agencies and business owners can FINALLY get the LIVE support they need to run successful advertising campaigns.

This is NOT a course. You don’t need another course that doesn’t answer your questions or help you FIX PROBLEMS when you need it most.

We’re offering you LIVE, weekly, FACE TO FACE support and WEEKLY TRAINING WORKSHOPS to help you FIX your campaigns and finally GET RESULTS for your customers or business!

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$2500 value
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Get instant access to live support and education.
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What Do You Do When Your Client's Ads Aren't Working & Their Website Isn't Converting?

You just closed a new client deal and promised them leads and sales.

You’re excited to see more income in your bank account but now it’s time to deliver.

You spend hours building campaigns and meticulously follow what “GURUS” and courses taught you. You’re feeling confident.


The campaigns start spending money like crazy but there are ZERO conversions, or the cost is so high that your clients FREAK OUT.

You’re losing confidence in yourself. Your clients no longer trust you, and the agreement cancels. 

Does This Reality Sound Familiar?

If you’re desperately scrambling for answers online, then you’re most likely feeling defeated and alone.

I was there. When I began running ads back in 2007, I learned the hard way what it’s like to gain a customer just to lose it due to my inexperience and lack of support.

And That's Why I Started Markatects!

I’ve learned quite a bit over the years. So much that I now I own an agency, teach at Universities, and workshops, I speak at events, consult businesses, teach a group of young marketers through organizations, have an in-house team and manage millions in ad spend.

My students who dubbed me The Ad Lord, suggested I extend my support to anyone and everyone looking for a place to get more accessible help.

Markatects Invites You To Become A Founding Member!

Here's What Becoming A Member Gives You Everything you need to feel confident when working with a new or existing client

Weekly live feedback and support from experts

Get face-to-face group time online, share your screen and get feedback and guidance for...

*We do not offer technical support or customer support for third-party platforms/applications. We only offer feedback on what you build.

Weekly live Training Workshops! (group)

DO NOT confuse this with a course. If you're a new marketer and need some marketing education, then you need these LIVE, hand-holding, training workshops.

Here are some things we will cover:

Workshops are offered twice a week (excluding weekends &  holidays) and topics can vary from week to week.

*Recordings will be available for free

*We offer training using tools we choose to show and may not be exclusive to just WordPress/Elementor.

Indirect Access To Facebook Reps (finally!)

If you run into problems such as disabled ad accounts, account ownership issues, glitches, technical issues, and we can’t help you personally, then we will reach out to our own agency Facebook reps to try and get you some additional support.

Latest Facebook & google updates, trends, tests and industry changes

Our reps are always giving us the heads up on new changes. We'll share the latest Google Ad & Facebook Ad updates so you stay on top of changes that directly affect your clients.

Access To some of our best strategies!

Whenever we unlock a powerful converting ad, we'll share the entire strategy, copy, creative, setup, the works!

Access to free recordings

All workshops and live support calls will be recorded and available for you to watch again forever for as long as you retain a membership.

A Community To Support You & Give Feedback

Share your ads with other marketers and get feedback + support from the community.

As A New Member You Get A Free T-Shirt!

We'll send you a FREE Markatects Ad Lords T-Shirt so you can show the world you're THE Ad Lord!

$2500/Month Value Founding Offer Only $197/Month
For Now!

7-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

7-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

You Can Leverage Our Expertise To Help You Feel Confident & Charge More For Your Services!

Here's How It Works

Step #1

Become A Member

Become a member and be knighted an Ad Lord.

Step #2

Join The Community

Join the VIP (Private) community of other Ad Lords where you can share, get feedback, offer help, connect with other marketers, and more!

Step #3

Book A Live Call

Browse available times for weekly live calls & workshops on our calendar.

Step #4

Get Help & Feedback

Get face-to-face individual & group help (per call) from our team. Also join group workshops to learn and interact with others on the call.

Step #5

Sit In On Calls

Don't need help with an issue? Sit in on calls with other members or watch live call & workshop recordings & learn something new.

Meet Other Folks Who’ve Been Able to Get Unstuck With Our Help

7-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I have more than 10+ years of experience as a digital marketer and consultant.

But my learning process was just like yours. Slow. Painful. Difficult.

I tested, failed, crashed and burned, started from scratch… EVERYTHING you are going through now!

Back then, there were very few resources and only a handful of experts who offered courses.

Now, there are plenty of courses out there, but there are only a few ways to seek support when you’re stuck or need specific, personalized feedback.

Small businesses owners, new agencies and new marketers need experts to back them up and help give them confidence when taking on a new client.

That’s why I created Markatects Ad Lords. We want to be your support!

Catherine Cortez

Black Card Marketing Owner & Markatects Ad Lord

Meet The Rest Of My In House Team!

7-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

A Markatects membership is made for marketers, agencies, agency owners, marketing teams and business owners who want suplemental support, guidance, feedback and direction with their campaigns.

No. Marketers and business owners have expressed their concerns with courses. They learn from a “guru” but have no idea how to properly implement what they’ve learned or what to do when things don’t work out. Our system is available to give you more than just courses. We offer you support, guidance, feedback and direction with your campaigns.

A hybrid. All calls are as a group, but we provide you with timed individual help during the group call. You’ll be able to book your time slot for one call, two, three, or however many you want as long as there is a slot available, so be sure to book ahead of time.

Yes! We encourage members to join calls even if they didn’t request help for that call. There is always something interesting to learn from other use cases.

Yes. We offer private one on one help for a premium. Simply email us at info@mark-a-tects.com and request one on one help.

Yes, if after 7 days you don’t feel you’re receiving the value you hoped for, or the this isn’t for you, then let us know via email and you’ll get 100% of your money back. *IMPORTANT* To get your money back faster, please email our team instead of requesting a charge-back.

Stop Wasting Time Youtube'ing how To Fix Your Ads & Start Actually Getting Your Clients Results!

We'll be the support you've desperately been needing!

7-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

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